Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Long time no post

Wow, I've had a busy few days since my last post. We got the boys' pictures taken and they turned out great! As soon as I order I can get them online, so they'll be here soon. I also have some cute new pictures that we've taken, but I need to get them downloaded. I've had two great Pampered Chef parties (Yay Sarah!) for which I'm very thankful. It's always an encouragement when things go so well. Wrapping up parties takes a lot of busy work. All of that amidst regular goings on keeps me rather busy.
Since I last posted Josiah has pushed all the way up on his arms, but can't quite figure out how to get his rear off the floor...I wonder why? He's also discovered his tongue and all the fun things he can do with it. That makes for some great pictures.
Aiden has his follow up heart appointment today. I would appreciate your prayers that everything will go well. He needs to stay perfectly still during the EKG so that they can get a good look at things. It's still hard for me to believe that my child has a "plug" in his heart. I'm so grateful that his problem was able to be fixed! He often talks about the doctors that fixed his heart. He can be quite dramatic about's funny. When he prays at night sometimes he thanks God for fixing his heart. He's very tender.
I'll post pictures as soon as I can!


Jason and Kelly's Family said...

So sweet Tina. We will be praying all goes well again today.

The Barkers said...

Ok, so today is March 21st. This post is from March 7th! That is how long its been since I have gone around to check everyone's blogs. You are the greatest Pampered Chef consultant! My party was so fun and a blessing! I'm so excited about all the things I received free! I've been using all my gadgets in the last couple days!
I'm so glad Aiden's appt. went well. I can see him trying so hard to sit still!