Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Catching up!!

I can't believe that I haven't updated in over 8 months. I just can't seem to keep up with it all. So, here's a few things that have happened to us over the past several months.
Matt graduated from nursing school!! He grew his hair out the whole time he was in school and cut it the day after he graduated. He's very relieved to be out of school and it's nice to have a semi normal life back.
Aiden attended K4 during the spring semester and he just loved it. After school was over, he took swimming lessons and now he thinks that he's an expert.
In June we went on a much needed road trip west. We first stopped in Kansas City for a few days. While there we spent time with Grandpa Don and Grandma Linda, visited Great Grandma Norton and Great Grandma Mackey. Then, we went on to Colorado. We visited friends in Denver and then went on to Glenwood Springs to visit my family. We spend several days there and had a great time. Matt and I celebrated our 8th anniversary while there. We then turned around and stopped back through Kansas City for the night. On our way back to Greenville we stopped by the Georgia Aquarium (our new favorite place).
Once back in Greenville we enjoyed several more highlights to the summer including Vacation Bible School at church. Aiden was super excited because this year he was actually old enough to go to class. We did several other fun summer things as well.
Aiden started K5 almost two weeks ago. He loves his new teacher and has greatly enjoyed his new class.

I truly hope to update the blog much more often than I have been. Of course, I have 8 weeks left in the pregnancy and several other things to get done as well, so we'll see.
Enjoy the pictures!

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Our Family said...

Hey! It's Kelly from good ole St Francis. I am so glad to see you finally updated your blog. I was starting to get a little concerned. Hope everything is going well with your pregnancy. Take Care, Kelly