Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update on all three boys

Well I'm now 35 weeks and 2 days along in the pregnancy. I had an appointment today and everything looks good. I'm actually measuring 38 weeks which they're not too worried about. Judging from the size of Josiah (9lb. 5oz.), he'll probably just be another big baby. I'm really tired and having a hard time keeping up with things. I'm so thankful that Josiah is a good afternoon sleeper and Aiden is such a trustworthy boy. This allows me to take an afternoon nap every day.

Aiden's doing well and loving school. He has something new to tell me everyday. Today he told me all about being healthy and washing your hands. Of course this is something that I've taught him ever since he could understand, but somehow it's brand new information when it comes from his teacher. He also told me the other day that he wants to change his name to Jacob. He offered no other explanation except that he just likes the name.

Josiah is doing well and getting so big. He always amazes me with the things that he says and does. By the time he turned two, he could already count to 10 and say his alphabet. He loves music and pretends to play a trumpet every time he hears a song. He is enthralled with balls of all kinds and constantly has one in his hands. He also refuses to eat grapes or anything round because he thinks it's a bouncy ball. I always find him throwing his grapes on the kitchen floor trying to get them to bounce.

We're looking forward to Saturday when we'll go to Hendersonville and pick apples. We'll stay for a picnic lunch and let the kids play for a while. It's always a fun thing to do in the fall. The weather is finally cooling down a bit, for which I'm very thankful. I have to keep the thermostat on 64 in order to feel comfortable. Everyone else has to wear long sleeves and wrap in blankets. Ah, five weeks seems so far away!

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The Barkers said...

Josiah is very impressive with counting and saying the alphabet!
I'm laughing so hard about your thermostat. The lowest I go is 74 degrees and Joe said that freezes him out!