Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas - for at least another 15 minutes. This was a whirlwind day! We spent the morning at home devouring the gifts under the tree. Lots of trash, tags to cut off, batteries to put in, fights to referee. Then, we went for our annual Christmas lunch with the Meachums and Byers (family friends) over at the BJ dining common. It's very nice not to have to cook and clean up! After that we went to spend the rest of the day at the Hudson's (Matt's parents) house. It was very nice to relax and just spend time with family. Of course, it was kinda fun to play with the new Wii as well. :-0

And now for an update on Isaac. Yesterday was quite a rollercoaster of a day. Some blood work of Isaac's came back. However, it went to the wrong lab so the results aren't what the doctors needed. It gave us some information, but because it didn't go to the right lab then we didn't get as extensive of information as needed to completely diagnose him. It does look like Saac has some form of galactosemia. How serious it is, is the part that we don't know. They are guessing, at this point, that he either has a mild form or is simply a carrier. If he has the mild form (it's called duarte galactosemia) then he's not allowed anything that contains galactose during his first year of life. (The exception to this is that he would be allowed to breast feed). At a year, we'll be allowed to introduce milk, then we'll have more blood tests done to see how he reacts. At that point we'll know if he'll be able to eat/drink milk products for the rest of his life. Of course, the best case scenario is that he's simply a carrier. In this case he won't be limited on what he eats and drinks.
We have to go back to the lab on Monday and have his blood drawn again (poor guy). It will be sent to the correct lab (a genetics lab down in Greenwood) and we should have some sort of results by Wednesday. The doctors and genetic councelors in Greenwood have been wonderful. They're very compasionate and try hard to help us understand what's going on. I'm very thankful for that. I'm definitely learning a lesson in patience and trust. I was devastated on Wednesday when I heard the news that I did. But, I know that God will use this for his glory - I can't wait to see how!

I resolve to walk by faith the path that I may not understand, and rejoice in the promise of His nearness as He directs my way.

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The Barkers said...

Still praying. I'm glad you had a Merry Christmas! Let me know if you would like to get together in the next week or so. I know you are swamped with doctors visits etc...We'd love to meet Saac and for you to meet Ivy. :-)
(Mornings are best for us.)