Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The end of summer and back to school

Who has time for blogging when there so many fun things to go and do?? July was busy with Bible School and Aiden birthday. We went to Dollywood at the beginning of August and then came home to Josiah's birthday and a surprise visit from Bamaw!

I've come to realize that the end of July/beginning of August will be my busiest time of the year, with birthdays and the beginning of school. Aiden began school on August 17th. I'm substituting again this year and have already worked once at the Academy with four more days scheduled to work in September and October. I really enjoy subbing, especially at the Academy.

Isaac is really growing. He has his 9m appointment coming up and I'm looking forward to seeing his growth progress. He's starting to get really heavy and hard to carry! His eyes are still blue...yay! He is army crawling, but has yet to get up on all fours. That's what his brothers did, so I'm not too surprised. Isaac is such a happy baby and likes to giggle and clap. Of course, he loves his brothers and watches them in awe when they wrestle. I'm sure he can't wait to join in.

Here are a few pictures of the last few months. Now that we're back to a regular schedule, I hope to get even more sewing done. I look forward to that!

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